Sthira sukham asanam. A yoga posture is both steady and comfortable.

Yoga is suitable for bodies of all sizes and abilities. Not all yoga classes are suitable for all people. My primary emphasis for asana (yoga poses) is on relaxation of effort and striving. We learn how to breathe deeply and relax even while we are actively moving the body. Yoga offers many health and stress release benefits.

During practice as in life, we train the mind through the body. In the relaxed pace of the class, we have the opportunity to explore what are we reinforcing or letting go. Our focus is on kindness and acceptance on all levels. The poses are simple so we can be aware of the breath and releasing subtle layers and habits of tension and contraction.

Yoga helps us know our bodies and gradually shift the mind’s identification from external levels to subtler layers. The capacity we develop for full concentration during slow movements carries over into faster movements and daily life.

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