Yoga, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation, meditation. Scientific research is proving they are like a magic bullet for reducing stress, improving productivity and morale and lowering costs.

The benefits start slowly and build as people practice. At first people may feel a bit uncomfortable sharing an experience of breathing deeply and relaxing with colleagues. It goes against out-dated notions of having to protect ourselves at work, that it is dangerous to show vulnerability, to be authentic and real.

Take breathing for example. I’ve noticed that one unexpected impact of removing smoking from the workplace is that the smoking zone out back of the building levels the playing ground. An executive might be out there smoking with someone from IT, accounting and marketing. People get to know each other informally and form relationships and alliances. For five years I taught a lunch time yoga class for my co-workers at the Calgary oil company where I worked. We got to know people from all levels and areas of the company too and those relationships added a sense of belonging and engagement at work that had previously been missing. And the breathing practice was relaxing and energizing without the toxic chemicals.

Everyone loves being engaged, feeling like we can contribute and be respected at work and that our employer genuinely cares about our well-being. A healing program that includes exploring our inner dimensions and practical and simple tools to reduce stress helps people create meaningful and sustainable personal lives. This sets the stage for a creative, engaged, kind and safe place to work.

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Short rejuvenating workplace practice from Yoga International