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Introduction to Meditation is a six week class taught locally in Dartmouth at Urban Sante and online. We cover the basics of meditation, breath, relaxation, the mind and thought. Participants are given a weekly link with the current week’s material and guided practices.

The practices given each week build on the basics in week 1. We begin each class with breathing and relaxation, move into the educational focus for the week, then do a guided deep relaxation practice followed by sitting for 15 minutes of guided meditation. In the third week the powerful practice of nadi shodhanam (joyful breath, alternate nostril breathing) is introduced and practiced for the remaining sessions.

Week 1:  Our focus is the breath and relaxation

Week 2:  More on breath, relaxation and learning about the 8 Rungs or Limbs of Raja Yoga

Week 3: Science of Breath, Svaradhara

Week 4: Support for establishing a regular practice, 2:1 breathing to release stress, stillness

Week 5: Mantra and mind

Week 6: Working skillfully with the mind and letting go of resistance

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