A month ago I fell and sprained my wrist. A week ago I tripped on a metal spike hidden in some grass and fell again, bruising my leg. There is the physical business of attending to injury, icing, not being able to do my usual activities. There is some pain. All of this can be managed. It’s a hassle but I wasn’t badly hurt either time. I didn’t break any bones. I’m 64 and generally in good health. I am not frail and elderly and yet I am noticing some interesting internal response to these two events.

Some worry has come up about the “meaning” of falling twice in a month. Old people have trouble with their balance. They fall and break their hip or wrist. It’s a downhill slide to frail and elderly from there. Those thoughts don’t line up with the facts but of course that is often the case with our thoughts. I’m pretty good at spotting and challenging catastrophic thinking.  In this situation one time was very muddy and in the other there was a hidden obstacle. I remind myself it isn’t a “sign”.

I have also noticed a general feeling of vulnerability. My body has been hurt. I’m paying closer attention to where I’m walking to spot potential hazards. There is a slight loss of trust. I am taking care of my muscles and ligaments and also working gently with the emotional aspects. I’m giving time and attention to sensation and energy in my body to allow my responses to the events to come into awareness. It is fascinating to practice mindfulness with the every day events of our lives.

Below is a ten minute inquiry practice into what is going on in your body and your responses to it. If you have more time: this link will take you to a 10 minute relaxation followed by the same inquiry practice.

Responding to our body
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