Understand and Heal Your Family

Experience our cutting-edge mindfulness approach at the Kiloby Center Family Retreat
Friday February 19 through Sunday February 21, 2016
On location at the Kiloby Center for Recovery near Palm Springs, California

Short video invitation and information about the retreat

The retreat is open to all family and close friends of people with addiction. Some participants will have a loved one who is or has been in recovery through the Kiloby Center. This is also for people who are concerned about a family member who is not yet in recovery or whose family or friend is in recovery at another center. The Kiloby Center  is a non-12-Step program and most participants will be new to our mindfulness based recovery program.

Scott Kiloby will talk about the Living Inquiries, Natural Rest and the experience of recovery at the Kiloby Center.

We will create a safe environment in which to explore family systems dynamics and healthy ways to support someone in recovery. Practicing the Living Inquiries and Natural Rest in relation to family relationships decreases anxiety that can lead to derailing of healing and recovery. Topics include: differentiation, over and under functioning, co-dependence, triangles, how to deal with emotional flooding, ACES (Adverse Child Experiences Scale), neurobiology of addiction as well as what constitutes a healthy family.  

In congruence with our mind/body approach we will learn breathing practices and work gently with energy and contractions to provide support for the body and nervous system.

Cost: $495 ($445 with early registration until January 31) with 50% reduction for additional family members. $645 cost includes two private Living Inquiries sessions before or after the retreat

Email [email protected] or call 312 330-3094 to arrange a time for an informal dialogue with Kay or Lynn about the retreat. Space is limited so please do get in touch soon.

http://kilobycenter.com/family-program/ or visit us on Facebook at Kiloby Center Family Services


Kay Vogt

Kay Vogt, Psy.D is a Senior Facilitator of Living Inquiries and Natural Rest and is the licensed psychologist at the Kiloby Center. She is also certified in EMDR, Internal Family Systems and Focusing. For 20 years she has worked with families to help them understand and change family patterns that may have existed through generations. She is a mother, step-mother and step-grandmother and has family members in recovery. Along with co-creating the Kiloby Family program, she works privately with individuals and families, and has a speciality working with families in business together. She can be reached at [email protected]

Lynn Fraser 2013 06 a

Lynn Fraser is a Senior Facilitator/Trainer of Living Inquiries and Natural Rest; and a senior meditation and yoga teacher in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. She brings the depth and richness of twenty five years experience teaching meditation and yoga philosophy to this work. She specializes in holding a safe and trusted space for healing trauma in her private online Living Inquiries sessions with individuals. She continues to work with recovery herself and within her family. Lynn lives near family, the ocean and forest in Nova Scotia Canada. http://nondualinquiry.com/

Understand and Heal Your Family Retreat
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