Shavasana Relaxation Practice gives direction for the basic pose.

Systematic Progressive Relaxation guides you how to release multiple layers of tension from the entire body head to toes and toes to head. Link to guided practice of Systematic Progressive Relaxation.

Tension Release moves systematically through the body. Link to Tension Release practice.

Blue Star is a healing practice of visualizing a brilliant blue-white light in 61 points in the body. This practice works primarily in the subtle body. Link to guided practice of Blue Star deep shavasana relaxation.

Sweeping Breath teaches how to exhale tension and fatigue and inhale refreshing energy into every cell of the body. Link to guided practice of Sweeping Breath.

5 Koshas, sheaths or layers of our being. A practice of union of the layers (yoga/yoke)
Link to guided practice of the Five Koshas.


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