Dr Rudolph Ballantine, from Radical Healing

A map (of the energy body) drawn from within will tend to be organized around chakras and the streams of energy which lead to and from them, that we’ve called nadis. The other approach, from the outside, will discover energy channels nearer the surface of the body; these are the meridians of acupuncture or shiatsu.

The system of chakras and nadis corresponds to your experiential center, that inner core from which you feel yourself move when you are truly spontaneous. From there you move out to contact the world. The meridian system, on the other hands, reflects how that energy interfaces with the world around you.

The chakra/nadi system, with its energy streams and foci along the axis of your inner world, is located further into the realm of subtle phenomena – closer to the mind and to your larger awareness. … You may use the sixty-one-point check-in, or you may just follow your breath, moving from chakra to chakra, tracing the energy radiating from each center along the pathways it follows – venturing along these channels or nadis as an explorer might have followed a river. …

Breathwork will introduce you to your energy body, and that new awareness will enable you to take better care of your energy self. But from the point of view of healing, the real function of breathwork and energy expertise is to active the higher chakras, which provide the vantage point from which you can delve into the energy knots in the lower centers and allow them to untangle.

Instinctual forces are organized around biological imperatives such as food, sex and self-preservation. The fulfillment of these requirements for physical survival is hard-wired into the human system to ensure that they are not ignored. The chakras below the diaphragm meditate these drives, while those above bring into play an expanded consciousness that can modulate the fearfulness of a mentality organized around pure survival.

The chakras are way stations along the central axis of your being. Each one is a point at which energy can be expressed in a certain set of attitudes, actions and emotions. When you have “finished” with those experiences and have integrated what you need to learn from them, then the energy stops demanding expression there and is free to move on up to the next center. The chakra system provides a sort of map of your evolutionary challenges, of your soul’s journey – of the road you must move along for healing to happen.

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