One to Five Five to One Breathing


Shavasana relaxation practices include a breathing/counting practice called one to five, five to one.

Lie on your back in shavasana, and allow the breath to become smooth and diaphragmatic.

Begin to count the breath from 1 to 5 and 5 to 1 as follows.

Exhale counting 1
Inhale counting  2
Exhale counting 3
Inhale counting  4
Exhale counting 5
Inhale counting 5
Exhale counting 4
Inhale counting 3
Exhale counting 2
Inhale counting 1
Exhale counting 1 and repeat through the cycle

If you lose track, simply start again exhaling while counting one.

Practice as long as you like, then slowly roll over onto your left side, follow the breath in your right nostril for several breaths then come up into a seated position.

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