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Scott Kiloby is a nondual teacher who has developed simple inquiries to assist people in seeing through their conceptions of their identity, of who they are.

The Unfindable Inquiry (the UI) is the main tool within all the Living Inquiries.  The UI is the foundation for the relationship inquiries: the Boomerang and Panorama Inquiries. The UI is the inquiry we use to see that a particular person (e.g., self or other) is empty of separate nature.  It focuses on one person at a time.  In sessions the client tries to find the “invisible self” using the UI.  They cannot find it and so they find a release from that core sense of self.

The Compulsion Inquiry can be used on any compulsion, addiction, or craving, including food, alcohol, sex/porn, gambling, internet use, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and seeking enlightenment.

The Anxiety Inquiry looks for the seemingly external threat, danger, or attack as well as the internal sense of self that is threatened, endangered, or attacked.


Lynn Fraser is certified by Scott Kiloby as a Living Inquiries Senior Facilitator/Trainer and is available for one-on-one sessions and group classes.