A workshop with Lynn Fraser

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Rx: Relax your forehead … jaw … shoulders… stomach. Exhale slowly and allow your body to soften. Inhale and allow fresh oxygen to revitalize all the cells of your body. Exhale and release, allowing the breath to be continuous and smooth. Repeat.

Many people in our culture breathe primarily in their upper chest and the breath is often shallow and jerky. Babies breathe diaphragmatically and without effort. Our bodies know how to breathe. Tension and stress can interfere with the body’s intelligence and drain our energy and good health.

The practices to (re)establish nourishing, diaphragmatic breathing are simple and easy to learn. Just as we developed a habit of tension, so we can release that through mindfulness and practice. A few months of awareness and practice is enough to reestablish healthy breathing habits.  There is nothing more beneficial to your overall health and well-being than this.

During the workshop you will learn about the mechanics of diaphragmatic breathing, chest breathing and reverse breathing. We’ll explore what diaphragmatic breath feels like when lying down, sitting and standing. Simple arm movements help open the chest and allow a deeper breath.

This is science backed and evidence based. There is Svaradhara, the 5,000 year old yoga Science of Breath. In the past ten years, scientific research is proving these principles and claims. An example is learning how the vagus nerve and the polyvagal system help to down-regulate overstimulation of the nervous system caused in part by stress and anxious breathing.

Working with the breath is transformative for everyone. If you have issues with anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, PTSD or asthma this complements other health treatments. Effortless, smooth, even, continuous healthy breathing is completely safe for everyone.

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