“That voice of our ego is little more than an annoying roommate.” Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

We don’t have to understand neuroscience in order to work skillfully with thoughts. In meditation, we don’t suppress thoughts and we also don’t follow along with whatever thought pops up into the mind. We witness or observe what is arising. In the Living Inquiries, we attend to thoughts (words and pictures) that are associated with sensation or energy in our body.

I work with the mind and brain as a meditator and meditation teacher. It is fascinating what medical scientific research is discovering about the brain and Consciousness. Scientists like Dr Alexander and Dr Jill Bolte Taylor are in a position of understanding the brain and science as well as having deep, personal experience.

“The thoughts in our head are not our Consciousness at all. The little voice is so deeply tied to our ego. The ego’s main tools are fear and anxiety. Those thoughts are not who we are. Our egoic notion of self is not who we are. We can come to know this through going within, through meditation.

No human being has ever witnessed anything other than the inside of their own consciousness. Our brain and mind can fool us into believing we are experiencing directly but in fact that is not the case. We only experience the information patterns as they are constructed together within our nervous system. It presents to us this beautiful replica of the world out there but it is all an internal construct. It fools us. We are not separate from the universe at all.”  Dr Eben Alexander, neuroscientist and author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven

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Annoying Roommate
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