Meditation is all over the news these days. Yet another study proving the health benefits of meditation for everything from asthma and heart disease to the brain. The Dalai Lama. Olympic athletes and business executives who meditate. Goldie Hawn’s Mind-Up program in schools. Meditation is no longer seen as exotic. Ordinary people are learning meditation and experience improved health, less stress and deep stillness and peace.

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I learned the science of meditation in the early nineties in the Himalayan Tradition. Two weeks after my first class, my boss came into my office with an unreasonable request. My meditation teacher’s voice came to mind saying “breathe”. I took a deep breath, remembered I had options, and was able to effectively negotiate with him. I was hooked! Re-establishing healthy breathing patterns is a foundation of releasing stress. Mindfulness of breath is a wonderful tool to alert us to when we are triggered or upset.

In person and online, I  have taught thousands of people to meditate. There are simple tools that work holistically and naturally to transform our bodies, breath, thought and mind. Everyone can do these easy guided practices. In ten minutes a day, we profoundly change our lives.

All of us benefit from a calmer, relaxed body. We learn to work skillfully with thought and our mind becomes an ally. Meditation leads you to deeply know yourself and develop unconditional kindness and acceptance within. Real self-care becomes possible.

Join me for our next in-person online class beginning Sunday October 16.

Learn to Meditate is a six-week online class from the privacy of your own home. I am online live with you. We cover the basics of meditation, breath and relaxation. Participants are given a weekly link with the current week’s material and recordings of our guided practices.

The practices given each week build on the basics in week 1. We begin each class with breathing and relaxation, move into the educational focus for the week, then do a guided deeply relaxing practice followed by sitting for 15 minutes of guided meditation. In the third week the powerful balancing practice of alternate nostril breathing is introduced for healing the nervous system and continued each week.

Week 1:  Our focus is the breath and relaxation

Week 2:  More on breath, relaxation and learning about the 8 Rungs or Limbs of Raja Yoga

Week 3: Science of Breath

Week 4: Support for establishing a regular practice, 2:1 breathing to release stress, stillness

Week 5: Mantra and mind, thought stream, anxious and compulsive thinking

Week 6: Working skillfully with the mind and letting go of resistance

 Curious? Click here for my guided practices on Youtube

Next class begins Sunday October 16.

Experience the benefits for yourself! Cost of the program is $59. This is not a recorded course, we meet together in person using Zoom, a private online meeting room similar to Skype.

In each class you are encouraged to bring forward questions and areas where you would like support. We are all unique and we experience common challenges when learning to work skillfully with the mind. We have a private Facebook group where I answer your questions and we chat with each other.

Private meetings are available to participants at a reduced price of $40 per half hour. You may be interested in working with me in private Living Inquiries sessions.  All prices are in US dollars.

Please e-mail  [email protected] to set up a time to meet.


Learn to Meditate!
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