Sweeping Breath

Shavasana relaxation practices include a breathing practice called sweeping breath. Lie on your back in shavasana, and allow the breath to become smooth, even and diaphragmatic.

Bring your awareness to the crown of your head. As we move down through the body, the points are in the very core of the body, just in front of the physical spine. Now as you exhale, let the mind flow with the breath as though you are exhaling from the crown of the head to the eyebrow center. Inhale from the eyebrow center to the crown. Allow the mind to flow with the breath between the crown and the eyebrow center for 5 or 6 complete breaths.

Now exhale from the crown through the eyebrow center to the throat center, inhale from the throat center to the crown. Continue exhaling from the crown to the point, inhaling from the point to the crown. As you exhale, allow the breath to carry away any fatigue, pain or tiredness, cleansing the body and releasing. As you inhale, allow the breath to nurture and nourish every cell in the body.

Breathe between the following points:
Crown to eyebrow center to crown
Crown to throat center to crown
Crown to heart center to crown
Crown to navel center to crown
Crown to lower abdomen to crown
Crown to knee joints to crown
Crown to ankle joints to crown
Crown to soles of the feet to crown allowing the whole body to breathe. As you exhale, allow the mind and breath to flow through the entire body, cleansing and releasing tension and fatigue. Allow the breath to flow out through the soles of the feet and dissipate. Inhale the nourishment of the in-breath from the soles of the feet, revitalizing every cell of the body as the mind and breath flow up through the body to the crown of the head. Continue whole body breathing for as long as you like.

Conclude the practice by resting your awareness on the breath at the navel center for a few breaths, then bending the knees and turning onto your left side. Support your head with your arm and breathe quietly with your awareness focusing on the breath flowing in the right nostril. When you are ready, use your hands to bring yourself up to sitting then continue on with your day or begin meditation.

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