Blue Star and 61 Points Shavasana Relaxation Exercise


Lie on your back in shavasana. Allow the body to relax and be comfortable and the breath to become diaphragmatic, smooth and even.

Bring your awareness to your entire body from head to toes and toes to head. As you bring your mind through the body, relax each part and release any holding or tension.

The practice begins at the eyebrow center.  Bring your awareness to the center of this point.  Imagine a brilliant blue white light or star emanating from the eyebrow center. After a few breaths, bring your mind through the body to the next point. Visualize the blue star at this point. Continue through the body in the following sequence.

1   Eyebrow center
2   Pit of the throat
3   Right shoulder joint
4   Right elbow joint
5   Right wrist joint
6   Tip of the right thumb
7   Tip of the right index finger
8   Tip of the right middle finger
9   Tip of the right ring finger
10 Tip of the right little finger
11 Right wrist joint
12 Right elbow joint
13 Right shoulder joint
14 Pit of the throat
15 Left shoulder joint
16 Left elbow joint
17 Left wrist joint
18 Tip of the left thumb
19 Tip of the left index finger
20 Tip of the left middle finger
21 Tip of the left ring finger
22 Tip of the left little finger
23 Left wrist joint
24 Left elbow joint
25 Left shoulder joint
26 Pit of the throat
27 Heart center
28 Right nipple
29 Heart center
30 Left nipple
31 Heart center
32 Navel center
33 Lower abdomen
34 Right hip joint
35 Right knee joint
36 Right ankle joint
37 Tip of the right little toe
38 Tip of the next  toe
39 Tip of the right middle toe
40 Tip of the next toe
41 Tip of the right big toe
42 Right ankle joint
43 Right knee joint
44 Right hip joint
45 Lower abdomen
46 Left hip joint
47 Left knee joint
48 Left ankle joint
49 Tip of the left little toe
50 Tip of the next  toe
51 Tip of the left middle toe
52 Tip of the next toe
53 Tip of the left big toe
54 Left ankle joint
55 Left knee joint
56 Left hip joint
57 Lower abdomen
58 Navel center
59 Heart center
60 Throat center
61 Eyebrow center

Now expand your awareness to include your entire body from head to toes. Rest in the stillness and remain aware of the 61 blue stars in the body.

After a few minutes, bend your knees and turn to your left side and support your head with your arm. Be aware of the flow of the breath in the right nostril – allow the breath to be smooth and even with no pauses or breaks. Observe the warmth of the exhalation and the coolness of the inhalation.  Keep the mind focused on the breath for at least seven complete breaths.

Use your hands to bring yourself up to a sitting position with the head, neck and trunk in one line.  Sit for at least a few moments before opening the eyes and returning to daily life. Blue star shavasana practice is also a good preparation for meditation.

Contact: Lynn Fraser  [email protected]