The Systematic Process of Meditation, compiled by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati from Swami Rama teachings

The inner journey is a systematic process which can be summarized as follows:

Learning specific techniques for the inner journey, such as internal dialogue, self-observation, stretches, sitting postures, breathing practices, meditation, yoga nidra, and agni sara.

1) Systematically following the five step sequence of preparation, stretches, relaxation, breathing, and meditation on a regular, daily basis, as described in Meditation and Its Practice
2) Integrating and implementing the Program for Progress in Meditation, as described in Chapter 6 of Meditation and Its Practice, and the eight step program as described in Chapters 6 through 8 of Path of Fire and Light, Vol. II
3) Incorporating other compatible written or oral instructions.

FROM WHICH YOU ACQUIRE CERTAIN SKILLS (as outlined in Meditation and Its Practice):
1) How to relax the body
2) How to sit in a comfortable, steady position for meditation
3) How to make your breathing process serene
4) How to witness the objects traveling in the train of the mind
5) How to inspect the quality of thoughts and learn to promote or strengthen those which are positive and helpful
6) How not to allow yourself to become disturbed in any situation, whether you judge it to be either bad or good

BY WHICH YOU MOVE THROUGH THREE LEVELS (as described in Freedom from the Bondage of Karma ):
1) Calming the conscious mind
2) Remaining undisturbed by the flood of images from the unconscious mind
3) Going beyond both the conscious and unconscious mind

WHICH FINALLY LEAD TO: attaining the direct experience of the Center of Consciousness within (which is commented on in numerous places by Swami Rama)

Though all of Swami Rama’s books are instructive, you may find these particularly useful in understanding the systematic process of the inner journey:

Meditation and Its Practice,
Path of Fire and Light, Vol. II,
The Art of Joyful Living,
Freedom from the Bondage of Karma,
Enlightenment Without God.
Also very useful are the four audio tapes: Guided Meditation for Beginners, A Guide to Intermediate Meditation, First Step Toward Advanced Meditation, and Meditation for Initiates.

The Systematic Process of Meditation (The specific practices listed, their order, and the boundaries between stages should be seen as approximate guidelines.)

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