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IHYTA Teacher Training/Continuing Studies Program Information

Program Information

Prerequisites: 2 years of active yoga and meditation practice (preferably with a recognized teacher) prior to registration into the program. Teacher’s letter of recommendation to program.

Initial Certification in our Teacher Training/Continuing Studies Program in Yoga Meditation is a three year program. After completion of the first 600 hours of instruction and testing, students will be certified to teach introductory yoga and meditation classes.

The Intermediate Certification program, an additional 600 hours over three years, will deepen students understanding of the whole of yoga science and refine their skills. They will be certified to teach intermediate meditation and hatha yoga and their application for therapeutic use.

Advanced Certification is an opportunity to specialize in the student’s area of interest. Teachers will become guides in their community and teach advanced hatha yoga and meditation.

Continuing Studies is an opportunity for students wishing to further their understanding of yoga and deepen their personal practice. They are welcome to attend any courses they wish and can in future apply these hours to teacher certification.

Spiritual Guidance: This program will appeal to people who wish to be connected to a lineage for ongoing study and spiritual guidance. Working with all aspects of our lives, the aim of the program is self-transformation. By the advanced level, yoga meditation teachers are disciples of the Himalayan Tradition with a thorough knowledge of the tradition and scriptures.

Locations: to make the teachings of the Himalayan Masters available in East and West, the program will run in Asia, Europe, India, North America and other parts of the world.

Dates: We have offered this program since 1999. Please contact us for details on current retreat dates, locations and curriculum.

We expect to have Yoga Alliance certification for this program early in 2004.

Contact us at:
Box 31023 Bridgeland RPO
Calgary, AB Canada T2E 3R9
[email protected]
1-866-588-4887 in USA and Canada or Canada 403-618-6834