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IHYTA Teacher Training/Continuing Studies Program Information


Teacher Training Certification

Hours for the Initial Certification three year program:

Meditation, yoga philosophy and psychology 260

Hatha yoga, wellness, anatomy 180

Science of breath and pranayama 120

Spirituality, foundation, culture 40

Total 600

Each year’s training for initial certification consists of 150 hours of instruction and practice in a combination of an IHYTA retreat and individual guided instruction. The remaining 150 hours of the program each year involves home study of books and tapes plus keeping journals on pranayama, hatha yoga, diet and meditation.

The minimum time to completion is three years. Students are invited to take longer if that works better. It is important to study at a pace where we can integrate what we are learning into daily life.

Mantra initiation in the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition not required to start the Teacher Training Program but is required for certification to teach.

Cost: We are committed to offering a quality program at a reasonable cost. The tuition for the Initial Certification Teacher Training program is $1,500US for the three years. This covers offerings to teachers and administrative costs. In addition to tuition is the cost of books, tapes, travel, and room and board for retreats. Continuing Studies students will pay per session. A small number of scholarships are available based on need.

For more information, please contact IHYTA via:

Box 31023 Bridgeland RPO
Calgary, AB Canada T2E 3R9
[email protected]
1-866-588-4887 in USA and Canada or Canada 403-618-6834