Teachings of the Himalayan Masters, through


                                                  Swami Rama           and           Swami Veda Bharati


Cost Breakdown for July  18-31,  2004

Teacher Training and Continuing Studies Program

Please send 50% of your amount due now. Balance is payable before beginning the retreat. 
Make cheque payable to IHYTA and mail to Calgary address (at bottom).

Foundational (or Continuing) Studies Program: (for personal enrichment)

Full time – July 18-31    (14 nights)
Tuition:                                    $450
Room & Board:                       $800

If you are staying on-site less than 14 days, the cost is $100 per day for tuition and room and board.

(3-Year) Teacher Training Program: (allows for certification upon completion)

Full time – July 18-31    (14 nights)
Tuition:                         $1,500 (one-time tuition payment)
Room & Board:           $   800

If you are staying on-site less than 14 days, room and board is calculated at $60 per day. 


Participation Per Day / No Overnight Stay:

3/Sessions  +  3/Meals:    $75 / Per Day
   ($45)             ($30)

Participation Per Event:

Per Session:                    $15
Per Meal:                         $10

Make cheque payble to IHYTA.
Contact us at:
Box 31023 Bridgeland RPO
Calgary, AB Canada T2E 3R9
[email protected]
1-866-588-4887 in USA and Canada or Canada 403-618-6834