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Tamas is stability which can also manifest as sluggishness and inertia. We need a balance so that stability doesn’t become stagnant.  Food becomes tamasic when left in the fridge for a few days. Meat is heavy and tamasic.  Emotionally it includes depression, sloth, boredom, hopelessness and ‘don’t care at all’.

From Eknath Easwaran: “Plain old inertia is the underlying cause of many of our day-to-day difficulties. You will be feeling listless, oppressed, weighted down by lassitude; you won’t want to do anything at all. You may feel persecuted: “Why shouldn’t I sit around if I feel like it?” You may feel you are not in the best condition physically, with aches and pains that nobody understands except yourself.

To release yourself from this inertia, the first step is physical.  The worst thing you can do is rest. Rest is what you have been doing; what is required is to get moving on something. Superficial physical symptoms may come by way of protest: a dull, throbbing headache, nerves on edge, no circulation in your legs, a head as  heavy as your heart.  Get up and go for a walk — and walk fast,  repeating the mantram, even if you don’t feel equal to it. Try to walk a little faster than you feel you can.

After ten minutes or so you will find yourself breaking through  that physical lethargy. Keep walking, and you will see that the rhythm of your breathing has improved, your spirits are lighter, you are ready to face the next challenge of the day.”


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