stillpoint yoga

yoga meditation and philosophy with Lynn Fraser
in the Himalayan Tradition of H.H. Sri Swami Rama


Himalayan Tradition

Swami Rama

What Is Yoga?




Off The Mat

Daily Practice





Prerequisites/Foundational Practices

Month 1:


¨      YI Reprint, “Simply Relaxing”, the section on Makarasana

¨      YI Reprint, “Simple Breathing”

¨      Path of Fire and Light, Vol II, Chapter 7, “Preparing Body and Breath”

¨      Memorize the Five Koshas, their Sanskrit names, and their descriptions and functions

¨      Annamaya – the food we eat/ body

¨      Pranamaya – vital force: prana

¨      Manomaya – further essence of prana, the lower mind

¨      Vijnanamaya – higher mind, buddhi, limited consciousness

¨      Anandamaya – sheath made of limited pleasure / joy


¨      First two weeks – daily practice for ten minutes in Makarasana (crocodile) with the breath even and serene.  Either mentally count or have a sense of equal length for exhalations and inhalations.

¨      Second two weeks – daily practice for ten minutes of sandbag breathing in Shavasana

¨      Journal for five minutes a week on your observations about this practice.