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Swami Veda Bharati

What is the aim of yoga besides what’s in it for me?  It is more than easy and cheap psychology help.  At a certain point, you need to transcend that.  “May the wicked become good.  May the good gain peace and may the peaceful be liberated.  May liberated beings work to free others.” 

Yoga outlines universal principles then applies them to your life.  It doesn’t just help you solve problems – it helps you to lead a  life in which problems don’t arise. 

When you throw a pebble in a calm lake, it makes waves.  The waves aren’t the lake.  Psychology analyzes the waves, not the mind.  They encourage you to look at experiences to find reasons why you’re anxious, etc.  There is a part of your mind which is untouched by these experiences – draw your peace from there. 

The mind is like a field of energy and it can be low or high voltage.  Why are you scared, anxious, worried?  There may be a difficulty or weakness but the real difficulty or weakness is in the mind, not in the situation. 

Don’t be hard.  Be strong.  Hardness is not strength. Strength is pliable, flexible.  Flowing water wears away rocks. Build your strength then it can be applied to given situations. Yoga raises your capacity and increases mind energy through concentration and conservation.

Symptoms of weakness of mind:

  • inability to concentrate (short or long term)

  • lack of endurance – come to unpleasant or difficult situation and run away

  • can’t see things through (relationships, problems, short or long term)

  • inability to sit still, to sit at same place for a long time

  • fidgetiness of hands, feet, mouth and eyes

  • inability to clear confusions eg blanket on your bed when you arise or ideas  in writing a paper are both same thing: look at your surroundings – are they neat and clear?

  • inability to believe in oneself and therefore inability to believe in anything

  • forgetfulness – inability to handle detail (because you think you’re too    important to have to deal with small things)

  • fear, insecurity

  • blaming others

  • talking ill of others, gossiping

  • inability to forgive

  • inability to forget an unpleasant experience

  • inability to control a desire

  • inability to control a negative emotion

  • saying things that aren’t beneficial

  • desire to have the future predicted (what’s going to happen to me?

  •  thinking that one is sick or that you are sicker than you actually are

There is no cure for the above, no remedies.  We are all hopeless.  There is only help.  Pick up your bundle and walk.  You’re not dead, only sleeping. Roll up your bed and walk (said Jesus).  Awaken your mind.  We can’t cure individual fears and insecurities yet we can strengthen the mind and overcome that way. You can’t blame people and solve your problems. 

We have the ability, we just have to drop the ‘in’ and uncover the ability.

Remember– there is a part of the mind which is not affected by any of these.  Focus on your strengths and the weaknesses will take care of themselves. 


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