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Satya – Truthfulness

Swami Rama teaches that not telling the truth creates a split in the mind.

What is truthfulness?

  1. Journal about these questions – am I truthful? With myself? Others? When? Under what circumstances do I avoid the truth or deny reality?

  2. What is the impact of this on my mind? Have I observed this split in the mind? If so, what is that like? What is one thing I can I do about it?


We see the world as ‘we are’ not as ‘it is’.

When we are not truthful with ourselves and/or don’t know who we are,
it is our projection of ourselves that has relationships
with what we project onto other people. 

  1. Journal about the above two statements.

  2. A few evenings before bed this week and before coming to class next week, journal for 5 minutes on what you are learning about yourself through this observation. 

  3. Throughout the week, practice the skill of staying in the present moment. When you notice you are tempted to not say the truth, make a mental note about what is going on at the time. Decide if you have the courage to say your truth either right then or coming back to it later (see week 2 journal questions). Before next week’s class, journal for 5 minutes about what you observed.


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