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Homework Winter 2004 Week 9


1.   Sit for meditation each day this week, witnessing the relationship between breath and mantra. Allow the mantra to flow with the breath and to become more and more subtle. After your practice, write in your journal about your experience.


Reading by Swami Veda Bharati

From the booklet Silence, by Swami Veda Bharati

What role does the breath play in awakening or maintaining the inner state of silence? The same that we have said about the mantra, we can say about the breath. Both are vehicles for going to the interior layers, each in its own way. After awhile, the breath becomes so subtle that it is barely noticeable. Then only the prana-force remains. One is at that point totally identified with the pranamaya kosha (prana body), much subtler than the annamaya kosha (physical body). 

Refraining from speech is no silence; japa is silence. Fill your mind with meditation. Fill your mind with contemplation. Fill your mind with witnessing. Fill your mind with self-observation. Fill your mind with higher-frequency energy and forces until they overflow and become love that goes out of you into the begging bowls of those today who are as sorry for themselves as you were before you were filled.


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