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     Homework Winter 2004 Week 7


1.  From last year’s silence retreat with Swami Veda : I’d like to give you homework for the next 365 days until we meet again. Every day write one happy and pleasant episode of your life. How happy you were when you got that very favorite toy. How you met somebody suddenly whom you love and you were not expecting to meet at the airport. It can be two sentences. It can be two pages. Every day write me, please. Don’t send it in e-mail. Just bring me your beautiful, nicely-written, happy journal. And I guarantee that you will not have to complete the whole year’s homework. In two month’s time compare your moods with today’s mood. You will see the difference yourself.

Reading by Swami Veda Bharati

From the booklet Silence, by Swami Veda Bharati

We have been taught that silence is the renunciation of the intention to speak but from where does this intention arise? It is in emotions. Emotions are something on the borderline between the samskaras (latent tendencies) and vrittis (waves of thought arising from the deep subconscious reservoir of the mind). The intention is renounced only when purification occurs, at the level of the unspoken, unmanifest baseline thought. We want to aspire to reach that womb from where all our baseline thoughts and emotions have arisen, the womb of Mother Silence.

 Real meditation actually begins only at that moment when even the thought called mantra is abandoned. When we speak of silence then, we do not mean silence of words; it is this silence that is in the pranamaya kosha, the silence that is in the manomaya kosha (sheath of mind) that is to be experienced. 

Silence should not merely be an absence of speech. Unless one has filled oneself within there is no silence. Fill yourself with meditation. Fill yourself with contemplation. Fill yourself with your mantra. Make silence an opportunity for a dive into the deeper layers of the mind. At each layer of the mind the frequency of its force-field differs. At the speech level it is at its lowest frequency. At the pure-thought level it is at a little higher frequency. At the mantra level it is at a yet higher frequency. If your body is relaxed and you go into meditation, then your mantra goes faster because it then merges with that higher frequency. We experience mantra as a vibration and then as a quest for that wherefrom it arises.

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