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  Homework Winter 2004 Week 5


1.      Read the piece below then at least once every few hours – observe your mental state. Before you go to bed each evening, think back over what you noticed and make some notes on  your ‘baseline’ mental state of relative silence this day.

2.      Sit for meditation each morning this week for at least 10 minutes. Observe your mind and use this as your ‘baseline’ of relative silence for the day.  Several times during the day, observe your mental state, anchor the mind in the breath at the navel center for a few minutes then notice if you are able to come back to the baseline you established during meditation.

3.   Last week, we observed the urge to distraction ourselves with something. Continue this practice and notice what impact these urges and the underlying emotions have on our baseline state of silence in the mind.


Reading by Swami Veda Bharati

“[Scientific studies have shown that] everybody carries some kind of ground-level, baseline emotion through life.  You may call that the zero point.  And then, the graph rises or falls. Now anger, now joy, now happiness, now unhappiness, now sadness, now depression, now insecurity, now fear. It all arises from that baseline. And what you have to learn to do is change that baseline. So that your basic, mental frame changes.  

And when your interior silence becomes your baseline, you speak from there; you’ll come back to that.  You’ll play from there; you’ll come back to that. You’ll smile from there; you’ll come back to that. You may guffaw from there; come back to that. You’ll walk from there; you’ll come back to that. See. It’s a sort of monitor, your over-eating, your over-reacting, and what have you. Next thing that will come to you is that you will become a perceptive observer.”

 (Swami Veda Bharati)  


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