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Natural Rest through the body, breath, energy and thought stream

Deeply relax and fully rest in your body, a shavasana practice

Shift between Awareness and Content (thought and sensation), a guided practice

Santosha, Contentment, a guided relaxation and looking at Santosha

Day 32: New Year’s Day 2016, an integrated practice of relaxation, breathing and meditation with an invitation to release what is no longer needed and to welcome new energy.

Day 31: Shithali Karina deep relaxation

Day 30: Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

Day 29: Tense, Relax, Breathe, a relaxation practice

Day 28: Looking for Safety in the Body, a Living Inquiries practice systematically looking through the body for perception of safety or threat.

Day 27: Relax, Nothing is Under Control, a Scott Kiloby Living Inquiries practice working with perception of fear and threat

Day 26: Breathe Deeply and Release, a shavasana relaxation practice with breath especially useful for when we’re stressed or in highly charged emotional situations

Day 25: Meditation with breath and so-ham

Day 24: Pratyahara, withdraw the mind from the senses

Day 23: Alternate Nostril Breathing (with three patterns of single, complete and continuous breathing)

Day 22: Blue Star 61 point shavasana practice

Day 21: Resting in Light Meditation

Day 20: Union of our our Being and the Five Koshas (sheaths)

Day 19: Full Moon Mantra Meditation relax and let your attention slip below the surface layers of the mind

Day 18: Yoga Nidra noticing the deep stillness as well as the body, thought stream and witnessing of content arising in awareness.

Day 17: Body Identification mindfulness practice

Day 16: Relax and Breathe guided relaxation practice

Day 15: Skillfully Working with the Thought Stream with Judgment and Compassion
holding judging in a space of kindness and compassion

Day 14: Skillfully Working with the Thought Stream with Fear and Anxiety

a method of working with intrusive anxious or fearful thoughts

Day 13: Skillfully Working with the Thought Stream, a guided practice

Link to Introduction                    Link to Guided Practice

Day 12: Cave of the Heart meditation

Day 11: Breathing with extended exhalation to release stress

Day 10: Blue Star subtle body shavasana practice

Day 9: Meditation with breath and mantra so-ham, a Himalayan Tradition meditation

Day 8: Scott Kiloby’s Thank You For Arising, a practice to see and release resistance

Link to instruction                  Link to Guided Practice 

Day 7: Sweeping Breath shavasana practice
This practice creates such deep relaxation the challenge is to stay awake.

Day 6: Shift to Awareness  “Awareness contains a natural quietness. The natural quietness of awareness reveals that this moment is perfectly enough. Seeking ends in that seeing. Thought continues to arise, but it is no longer a problem. It is seen to arise from quietness. It is none other than that quietness taking form.” Scott Kiloby

Day 5: Joyful Breath, Alternate Nostril Breathing if you’re not familiar with the practice, you may want to watch the instruction video and guided practice video first then move on to using the audio.

Day 4: Tension and Relaxation exercise, deep relaxation by systematically tensing and releasing from head to toes and toes to head with the breath

Day 3: Breathe and Relax, smooth diaphragmatic breathing with 1:5:5:1

Day 2: Natural Rest Meditation

Day 1: Systematic Progressive Relaxation